More and more Irish men explore hair restoration options at domestic and foreign hair clinics. With new hair transplant procedures offering long-lasting results, the effects of balding and hair loss can be curbed in patients with enough donor hair.

HRBR (Hair Restortion BlackRock) Overview

Blackrock Hair Clinic DublinHair Restoration Blackrock is a Joint Commission International accredited hair clinic and one of the highest rated hair clinics in Ireland. Based in Dublin, the clinic offers hair restoration options for patients considering hair loss treatment.

The team of experienced hair restoration surgeons at HRBR is led by Dr Maurice Collins, whose 20 years of experience in microscopic surgery makes him one of the most reputable hair transplant surgeons in Ireland.

Hair restoration at HRBR follows the pattern of consultation, assessment, counselling, medical treatment options, hair transplant surgery, and combination therapy. At HRBR, a separate hair loss treatment protocol is available for female patients.

Irish patients choose the services of HRBR because of proximity, however, many patients decide to look for alternatives out of financial considerations.

Hair Transplant Abroad: Turkey vs Hungary

Hair transplant surgery continues to be a fairly expensive treatment that’s affordable only for the well-off. Banking on the fact that the costs of hair transplant surgeries are high in the Western world, many countries have hair clinics dedicated to foreign patients looking for more affordable options.

Turkey with as many as 1000 registered and non-registered hair clinics is one of the key destinations for Westerners. Although prices in Turkey are much lower than in Ireland, safety is a major concern for patients. Reports of under-qualified personnel performing surgeries in non-accredited health facilities and patients suffering serious complications are abundant. We do not say all of them are like that be you have to do your homework before choosing a hair clinic abroad. Soon we will cover some really good Turkish clinics that we would recommend.

European health organizations often warn patients of the perils of having a surgery performed in Turkey and recommend that patients seek out European alternatives instead.

Hair restoration in a safe European hair clinic

One such alternative is Hungary, a country that has long been on the map of healthcare tourists for various health procedures from dental implants to hair restoration surgery. Hair clinics in Hungary have welcomed patients from all over Europe and some even have local consultation offices, so that patients don’t have to fly all the way to Hungary for the consultation.

For example, if you’re based in Dublin, you can go to a partner clinic for an initial consultation with a hair specialist. If you qualify for a hair transplant, they will make an appointment with a hair surgeon in Budapest. With many budget airlines operating flights to Budapest on a daily basis, flying to Budapest is easy and affordable. Hair clinics in Budapest can even plan your entire trip including flight booking, accommodation booking, and airport transfer.

Consider a visit to Budapest and make that informed decision!

Patients that opted for the services of hair clinics in Hungary have reported high success rates thanks to cutting-edge equipment, well-trained hair specialists, and highly trained professionals.

Compared to prices at clinics in Ireland, patients can save up to 60% on their hair transplant surgery by choosing the services of a hair clinic in Budapest. If you’re looking for high-quality hair restoration services at reasonable rates, we recommend choosing a high-rated hair clinic in Budapest. Check out testimonials and before and after hair transplant images to get a better understanding of the service you can expect. Whether you suffer from a mature / receding hairlne or you just want thick hair to get back your old look you should consider FUE SafeSystem hair transplant surgery which is an affordable, painless and scarfree procedure.

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