Why choose Hungary for hair transplant?

If you are considering hair transplantation there are a number of factors you should consider before deciding on a clinic. The two main factors: the technique itself – and its price. Currently there are two main types of hair transplantation. One of them if FUT, which is a less modern procedure – it is very… Read More »

Stretch marks

Whether due to pregnancy, bodybuilding or a sudden increase in weight gain, stretch marks or “striae” can appear on body areas such as the abdomen, thighs, hips, breasts, upper arms or back. A sudden increase in tension on the skin associated with body hormonal changes can cause a ‘tearing’ of the connective tissue (collagen and… Read More »

Dental tourism in Hungary

Affordable healthcare is tempting Britons east in search of high quality dental treatment abroad. Many of them mix dental pain and holiday pleasure and hit the road to Hungary. The resons seem obvious: big savings with the same quality in the European capital of dental holidays: Hungary!