If you are considering hair transplantation there are a number of factors you should consider before deciding on a clinic. The two main factors: the technique itself – and its price.

Currently there are two main types of hair transplantation. One of them if FUT, which is a less modern procedure – it is very successful, but it also has disadvantages, mainly: leaving great visible scars on the head of the patient.

The other is FUE, or follicle unit extraction. This, and particularly its more advanced type, FUE SafeSystem or FUE2 provides a shorter recovery time, minimal to no scars and a smoother procedure. Most people are advised to choose FUE over FUT.

Now there are not many clinic that offer FUE because it is a complex procedure that requires great knowledge and skills from the surgeons to be performed perfectly. And this is one of the reasons to choose Hungary: there are many Hungarian clinics with professionals trained for performing FUE.

Then there is the pricing.

A FUE transplant in Hungary is on average 60-70 percent cheaper than in the United States or the United Kingdom. Hungarian clinics are among the cheapest in the continent, and they still offer world class doctors and care.

Also, if you are going abroad for your procedure, you might as well turn it into a vacation. Hungary is one of the most beautiful countries you can visit, Budapest, the capital offering an endless amount of options for relaxation and recreation.

If you are travelling to Hungary from a European country, your trip will be easy and cheap, and your stay will also be – prices in Hungary are much lower than in Western European ones or in the United States.

If you choose the FUE process (again, particularly its most advanced SafeSystem variant) your restored hair will look natural, with no scars on your head. You will be able to choose your hairstyle, wearing it as you feel – and if you go to Hungary to get the procedure done you will basically get a vacation for free besides the procedure itself, given the extremely low prices.

If you are tired of baldness and looking for a medically proven, successful and safe method to restore the former glory of your hair, and also want to do this on a reasonable price, under the hands of highly trained and experienced doctors, Hungary is definitely one of the best places you could consider.