Hair restoration helps if all else fails

Before haor transplants - hair restoration adviceThe stigma around hair restoration treatments has significantly subsided in the last couple of years. One of the reasons is the large number of celebrities that have come forward about their successful hair surgeries.

Celebrities like Wayne Rooney and James Nesbitt have been vocal about their hair transplants, others like Bono, Al Pacino or Elton John hoped their hair transplants will fly under the radar.

Another reason for this newfound popularity of hair restoration surgery is the advancements that have been going on in the field that make the surgery minimally invasive coupled with the natural look that can be achieved.

Although minimally invasive, hair transplant is still a surgical procedure that’s usually only used in cases when other hair restoration methods have failed.

A significant advantage of hair restoration surgery is that it’s permanent and it doesn’t require ongoing maintenance or treatment, still there are a few things to consider before hair transplants:

Is it Really Necessary?

If your hair loss can be reversed through non-invasive methods, your hair specialist will recommend that you try those first.

Since hair loss is not a life-threatening condition, hair transplant is an elective surgery, and you should never let anyone pressure you into having one.

Is Your Hair Loss Permanent or Temporary?

When you consult your GP or hair specialist, it’s important to fully cooperate with them to help them determine the exact cause of your hair loss.

If the cause is temporary, hair surgery would be superfluous since your hair will grow back anyway. If it’s caused by male pattern baldness, which is permanent, then only hair transplant will help.

Is Going Abroad for a Hair Transplant a Good Option?

Hair transplant is not a cheap surgery, which makes flying abroad for cheaper surgeries an appealing prospect. Unfortunately, not all destinations are safe.

Many people choose hair clinics in Turkey to have a hair transplant, and while getting the surgery on the cheap an alluring idea, many who have undergone a hair transplant in Turkey can tell you that it’s a high-risk destination.

Hungary, on the other hand, is a safe option for those who want access to affordable hair transplant services at European standards.

So, as long as you choose wisely, a hair transplant surgery abroad is a viable solution.

Is the Hair Loss Surgery Performed by an Experienced Surgeon?

The success of the surgery is highly dependent on the experience and skill of the hair surgeon. So, before you commit to a hair transplant surgery, make sure you research the clinic and the surgeon who will be performing the surgery.

Does the Hair Clinic Offer Post-Operative Care?

This is a serious matter to consider, especially if you’re travelling abroad for your hair transplant.

Complications can arise with every surgery, so it’s important to know what to do and where to go when you experience unusual symptoms.

The Takeaway?

Hair surgery shouldn’t be something that you rush into. Carefully consider all aspects discussed in this article before you decide to get a hair transplant and discuss your options with your hair specialist.

If you’re choosing to have a hair transplant abroad, thoroughly research the hair clinic and its surgeons before financially committing to a hair transplant.

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