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Hair transplant Dublin optionsDublin and the rest of Ireland have seen an economic boom in the past 25 years which for many has been a godsend, while for others it has had unintended consequences. Economic growth is great for a community, although when it happens at the pace of Ireland, many citizens find it difficult to adapt to the new changes, especially the rising cost of goods and services. Much of this has to do with the increase in property prices, while other costs are influenced by the shortage of labor. Even something as innocuous as Hair Transplants can be dramatically affected, which will discuss in the below article.

What are Hair Transplants like in Dublin, Ireland?

The quality of Hair Transplants and clinics has increased with many men opting for this procedure than ever before. It has gotten to the point that you don’t even notice those who have undergone the procedure because of the natural looking results. Each case is different and not all results are step back to your teenage years, but for the most part the results are astounding. The men of Dublin and the surrounding area have benefitted from these advancements, although at a cost.

FUE Hair Transplant

The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedure is the pinnacle of transplants and is available throughout Dublin. This procedure for all types of Male Pattern Baldness is virtually painless, scar free, and creates a natural looking head of hair. This is a very precise technique and should only be performed by highly qualified hair transplant surgeons. If not done by these surgeons, long-term health issues can occur with some being irreversible.

When is the best time to undergo a Hair Transplant?

In short, the sooner the better! This is not just bluster but a medical fact which should be followed if you are looking for the best results. Hair loss, thinning hair, receding hairlines or more specifically Male Pattern Baldness can begin as early as your late teens. It can be a devasting process for a young man and usually affects his confidence and self-esteem. The last thing you want to deal with in your early 20s is being bald, but in some cases its unavoidable and must be addressed as soon as possible.

The FUE process uses the remaining hair (donor area) on a balding patient which is extracted and then implanted into the balding areas. For this to be successful the patient needs to have enough donor hair as well as the patient being healthy enough to result in a successful procedure. The older you are the less hair you have to donate while at a certain age your healing process begins to slow resulting in a lower chance of a successful surgery.

Many men who undergo a transplant at a young age can and will have more transplants as they get older. The FUE procedure allows for this and in many cases, men sometimes will just get a sort of “tune-up” to keep their hair looking full and natural. You would be surprised at the number of celebrities, especially actors, who have undergone one or more hair transplants.

Cost of FUE Transplants in Dublin

The price of a pint of a Guinness® and rent for your flat are not the only things that have increased in price because of the economic boom. The prices are close to or the same as the prices in cities such as London and Paris.

Although men from Dublin are not known for their vanity, they are still conscious of their hair and will do whatever it takes to have a full head of hair.

With the likes of Wayne Rooney and other footballers and celebrities breaking the taboo of having a hair transplant, Irish men are looking for a quality and affordable solution.

Cost of hair transplant abroad - Budapes vs Dublin

Although we try to emulate Wayne Rooney, most of us do not have his financial resources and cannot afford having a Hair Transplant in London, Dublin, New York or any other major international city. Hair Transplant clinics are plentiful in Dublin but for the average working man supporting a family and owning a home, the cost of a quality transplant is prohibitive.

What are the options for those living in Dublin?

The “affordable” Hair Transplant industry is booming and one that has found a large niche. If you’ve been jut slightly curious about a transplant or just a neutral observer, you’ve seen the advertisements for affordable hair transplants abroad, especially in Turkey.

For a reasonable sum, you will be flown to Istanbul from Dublin or another Irish city and be given food, lodging, transportation and of course a quality hair transplant.

There are several hair transplant clinics in Dublin, Ireland. Some of the well-known clinics include:

  • The Hair Clinic Dublin
  • Dublin Hair Restoration
  • Crown Clinic Dublin
  • The Hair Centre
  • The Hair Institute

It is important to research the qualifications and experience of the surgeons and clinics before making a decision. It is also recommended to schedule a consultation with the clinic to discuss the options and pricing.

Transplants in Turkey

Everything they promise is true, except for the “quality hair transplant”. These package deals seem in many cases to be too good to be true, and they usually are. One look on the Internet will divulge the dirty secret of these deals with “after” images of transplants gone wrong. Some issues are reversible at a cost, with others can lead to long-term cosmetic and health issues.

Profiting on cosmetic surgery is not a crime, although what many of these clinics are doing is at best negligent and at worse criminal. These profit-making clinics more resemble an assembly line instead of a quality medical clinic as they are represented to you.

To increase the profit many clinics will cut corners and overhead. The most egregious of these is to use a nurse or assistant to perform the specialized procedure instead of a qualified surgeon. The surgeon will be consulted pre-surgery, but after that its in the hands of unqualified individuals.

Much of this corner cutting and fraud occurs under antiquated and unenforced laws while much of it can be traced to graft and an unregulated industry. Whatever the case many patients will leave Turkey with medical issues which must be addressed in their home countries at significant cost both financially and medically. Unfortunately, this business is still growing and many men who are desperate will fall victim to this scam.

Is there an affordable and quality option for those living in Ireland?

Yes, there is a great option for an affordable FUE Hair Transplant without sacrificing the quality that you would get in Ireland or in other countries. Even if you can afford to spend €15,000 for a quality hair transplant, why would you waste this kind of money when you can achieve the same result or better, for a fraction of the cost.

Instead of spending a small fortune in Dublin or another large city or flying to Turkey and risking your health, fly to Hungary and experience the best country for Medical Tourism in Europe and throughout the world.

Hair Transplant in Hungary

FUE hair transplant abroad - Consultation in DublinIn the past few decades patients looking for low cost and quality medical procedures have been taking advantage of Hungary’s low cost of care with Doctors who are experienced and experts in their fields. The FUE Hair Transplant has been the number one procedure in Hungary and is offered at discount which is affordable most men.

For those living in Dublin, Cork or any other part of Ireland, Budapest, Hungary is a 2.5-hour flight away on one of the many discount carriers currently flying throughout Europe. For Direct flights from Dublin to Budapest you can either fly the national carrier Aer Lingus or the discount carrier Ryanair which also flies from Cork. You also have the option to fly to Budapest with a connection somewhere in Europe, which increases your options exponentially.

Is Hungary the best option for an affordable and quality FUE Hair Transplant?

Yes! Hungary has become a world leader in affordable and quality hair transplants. Hungary has benefitted from membership in the European Union, location, low cost of living and the high standards of the medical profession. As a member of the EU, Hungary must comply with all the rules, regulations, standards and laws that you will find in Ireland and all other EU countries.

Unlike Turkey which is has different laws, language and cultural norms, Hungary has a huge English-speaking population with many of the doctors having studied in Hungary. If there is an issue with your transplant, you will have an option for legal recourse in a system in which you are familiar. Unfortunately, the same thing cannot be said for issues arising from poor surgery in Turkey.

Are there any hidden costs for a transplant in Hungary?

The cost of your Hair Transplant includes the procedure itself, first class accommodations and transfer to and from the airport as well as the clinic. When you arrive at the airport in Budapest, you will be met by one of our representatives who will take care of all your needs.

You will need to pay for your airfare and food, which should be minimal. As one of the best European cities, you can also enjoy some time touring Budapest and soaking up the culture.

How do I get started?

The first order of business is to have a free consultation. This can be done online, although Dublin is one of the European cities where we have consultants who can assess your hair loss needs face to face. You will discuss with the surgeon your specific situation and hopefully if you are healthy, you can start the process.

 Dublin office address: Pembroke House Upper Pembroke Street 28-32, Dublin, D02 EK84, Ireland

Are there reviews available from current and past patients?

Yes, there are both images and testimonials on our site from patients. We suggest that you review these for a better understanding of the process and the natural looking results. You will be amazed at the before and after images of our satisfied patients and how much younger you will look. It’s an emotionally transformation for many patients who never thought they could regain their youthful appearance.

It only takes one call or email to get started on your journey to a full head of hair. Do not wait until its too late when you are no longer eligible because of age or health issues. Get started as we look forward to being part of your new and improved self!

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