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In order to find out more on Hungary dental services please read our about us section where we will tell you more on dental care services in Hungary.

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Dental implants – tips for long-term success

Teeth implants are developed to endure the test of time much beyond the life span of real teeth. Without proper care, however, even false teeth can have a short-lived existence, which is why it is important to take some measures both before and after the implant procedure to ensure the success and high-durability of dental implants.

Here are some tips regarding measures that you can take before the teeth implant procedure:

  1. Make sure you choose the right dentist. Sure, all dentists can place implants and many are specialised in implantology, but periodontists and oral and maxillofacial surgeons are even more qualified to carry out such procedures. Depending on your needs, and whether you have had gum problems in the past, you can opt to go to a periodontist. If you are considering sedation during the procedure, you should opt for an oral surgeon.
  2. Do not get carried away by “teeth in a day” slogans. You will meet this buzzword many times and it may lead you to think that you can walk out from the dental practice with a new set of artificial teeth in the same day you walked in there. Hardly! Like any job well done, dental implants require diagnostic tests and careful planning. Only a small percentage of patients meet the perfect conditions to get their permanent crowns fitted in the same day. Similarly, if you need only one tooth replaced, you will probably have a temporary crown placed in. All in all, the implant procedure takes longer than one in-and-out visit to the dentist.
  3. Understand that bone structure and healing are key. Although you want to get over with everything as soon as possible, waiting and healing is important. If your bone structure is not dense enough to hold the implant or your jawbone ridges are very thin, bone augmentation will be necessary. Even if your bone structure is impeccable and so you want your implants and permanent crown placed in on the same day (referred to as `immediate restoration’), the success rate of the implant can drop by 20-25%. This is why dentists prefer to give time for healing and avoid immediate pressure on the implant. For front teeth, a temporary crown can be placed if and only if the implant is stable enough to bear the load of the crown.

Aftercare is also crucial in prolonging the life of your dental implants. Follow these tips to ensure the long-term success of your implants:

    1. Careful oral hygiene will still be important. Even with false teeth, you will still have to brush, floss and maintain an overall good dental hygiene. Also, do not skip regular visits to your dentist.
    2. Avoid leading an unhealthy lifestyle. Smoking and drinking prevent proper healing, which prevents the implant from fully integrating into the bone. Chronic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases can increase the risk of gum diseases and tooth loss.
    3. Avoid grinding and extreme biting. These can destroy the bond between the bone and the implant. Wear mouth guards at night and address issues that are induced by increased stress levels.

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