Root canal means the pulp-filled cavity in the root of a tooth. Afterwards, the tooth is sealed by placing a rubbery filling into the root canal. Root canal treatment is a dental procedure to eliminate the infected blood vessels and nerves in a tooth’s root canal and sterilize root filling from further bacterial infection with a crown or cement filling. If you have constant and severe pain and sensitivity in your tooth when biting you may have an abscess. The pulp can become infected through tooth decay, leaking fillings, periodontal disease or injury and if not treated properly in time will very often lead to an abscess. If you waiste your time and do not visit your dentist to carry out root canal treatment, the infection can spread and the tooth will need to be extracted.

Root canal treatmentRoot canal treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic therefore it should not be painful and no more unpleasant than having a filling. If you chose a clinic abroad you should keep in mind that several visits may be necessary to complete root canal treatment which may result in extra cost and unnecessary nuisance to make numerous visits to the clinic.

The primary aim of a professional clinic is to provide the highest quality dental treatment that is clinically, functionally and aesthetically correct. The dentists need to be sure that any teeth used as bases for Crown and Bridge are totally healthy and if they can provide a long-term base.

A highly important thing in root canal therapy is to determine the accurate lenght of root canal. So far radiography has been the traditional method for this measurement but recently new generations of Electronic Apex locators are proved to be as accurate as radiography in length determination. The apex locator is a fairly precise electronic instrument used in endodontic therapy to determine the length of root canal space of our teeth. By using apex locators the number of harmful radiographs and x-rays can be reduced.

All dental schools give root canal training to its dentists however being an expert in this field needs special skill and a lot of experience. Endodontistry is a special sector of dentistry which requires additional years of training.

The procedure itself: First the dentist cleans and disinfects the roots, then places a medicinal filling. Usually a healing period is needed to ensure the success of the treatment. Then the area is cleaned again before the root is closed with either a crown or a permanent cement filling. In many cases, a Crown is advised to be placed following a root canal treatment to protect against any further infection.

Pain after root canal treatment?

Your tooth may continue to feel sensitive for some time after your root canal treatment – that’s normal, do not worry!. However, if you have pain that lasts more than a few days, contact your endodontist.

Root canal treatment cost – Endodontic therapy

Endodontic therapy is quite expensive in the UK. Private root canal treatment can vary from £500 to £700 depending on the extent of the treatment required and the expertise of the dentist. You can save a large sum of money if you chose a dental clinic in Hungary.

Microscopic root canal treatments in Hungary
Root canal treatment for tooth with one root canal 115 150
Root canal treatment for tooth with two root canals 230 300
Root canal treatment for tooth with three root canals 345 450
Post or core for root canal treatment 80 100