Hair loss treatment options - hair transplants and productsIf you experience a loss of hair but you are not happy about it, you have a range of options. You can try some of the surgical procedures, during which doctors implant the affected areas with healthy hair cells, or you can even try some medication. Hair loss is not by far a permanent and unbeatable condition, you just have to know your options to restore your receding hairline or stop the thinning hair problem. Read more on possible reasons for thinning hair.

Hair transplants FUT and FUE

One of the options – and the most popular of them – is called follicle unit extraction, of FUE for short. This hair transplant technique is fairly simple: the doctors locate naturally occurring healthy follicles and extract them in units of 1-4. Then they implant these to the intended area. It is a pretty fast procedure, resulting in a natural look, but it also has a disadvantage: the extraction will leave some little scars, non-pigmented dots at the donor area. These will only be noticeable if not covered by hair and examined closely, but it still is a problem for some patients. Mainly those sporting a shorter hairstyle.

FUT, or follicular unit transplantation is similar to FUE, but there are some significant differences. With these technique doctors harvest healthy follicles from the scalp in strips and implant those where there is a need for them. But these strips leave visible scarring behind.

Actually most people decide with other techniques because of this: the scars on the scalp are pretty visible in not covered completely by hair, so having a shorter hair is not really an option if you want to look good and have a shorter hairstyle.

Hair growth products for lifelong treatments

Now there is another option to battle hair loss, and without the need to cut into your scalp. Rogaine, of as it is scientifically called, monoxidil is a medication widely used in the industry. It is not fully understood by doctors exactly how the medication works, but half a century of experience using it shows that it indeed does work: it is capable in most cases of allowing down or completely stopping hair loss. And what’s more, in some cases it is even capable of promoting regrowth of lost hair. Generally about 40% of men experience hair regrowth after using rogaine for 3-6 months.

As with any medication, there are of course some side effects, but these are neither common nor severe. Mostly those few who experience side effects report allergic reactions – in this case the use of the product should be ceased and a doctor shall be consulted about the matter.